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Access Global Technology LLC. is a licensed company based in Homestead, FL.

  • Access Control
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Network
  • Intercom
  • Gate Controllers
  • Solar Panel
  • Home Automation

Access Control

Our advanced access control systems are designed to give you full command over who enters your premises. With cutting-edge technology, we ensure that only authorized individuals.

CCTV Cameras

Stay vigilant 24/7 with our high-definition CCTV cameras. We offer a range of surveillance solutions to keep an eye on your surroundings, deterring potential threats.


In today's interconnected world, a robust network is essential. Our expert technicians can set up and maintain a secure and efficient network infrastructure tailored to your needs.


Communication is key, especially in larger properties. Our intercom systems make it easy for you to communicate within your home.

Home Automation

Experience the future of smart living with our home automation solutions. Control your lighting, security, and more from the palm of your hand.

Solar Panel

We're committed to sustainability. Our solar panel installation services help you harness the power of the sun, reducing your energy costs.

Gate Controllers

Managing entry points has never been easier with our gate controller systems. You can control who enters and exits your property with the push of a button.

CCTV Camera Installation Services

Access Global Technology LLC. is a licensed company based in Homestead, FL.

Consultation, Installation and Servicing


Didier Perodin
Didier Perodin
AGT has proven itself to be one of the greatest company I have dealt with in terms of cost , expertise, professionalism and results. I can attest that your access control and video surveillance needs are in good hands if you have AGT handle your projects. It is always a pleasure working with ( Paco) and his Team. 8/26/2023
Luciane Amarante
Luciane Amarante
Thank you Paco for your prompt attention and service. I truly believe it is a relevant help to all customers who have expressed interest on reviewing their work. It was helpful in my case. My experience with AGT was great since I got Paco on the phone. It was a pleasure talking with a profissional who care about your clients. Thank you so much.
kirstie ninan
kirstie ninan
Amazing amazing experience. This company runs an extremely tight ship. They came to work and deliver excellence which is exactly what they did. Extremely clean installation of high quality cameras. The piece of mind we have gained from these cameras are amazing. I recommend this company and will be using them for future properties. Great work!!!
Amazing job!!!!! Great customer service. Service was done efficiently and effectively. Family type of atmosphere. It is a great feeling to know how secure the house is. As a law enforcement officer, I genuinely recommend this company to any and everyone in need of camera surveillance or any electronic needs.
Hector Saldana
Hector Saldana
As my first time using a security system I can say that I am extremely satisfied. Paco has done a great job with installation of the security system. His walkthrough of the system is easy and straight forward. The quality of his work is top notch. I will be using AGT for future additions to my home.
Maribel Chaluja
Maribel Chaluja
Amazing work- definitely recommend them for all home security cameras, alarm, etc! The best in town!
Marcos Martinez
Marcos Martinez
First let me start by saying that Access Global Technology is the only place you should be going for your camera needs. Paco, who is the owner, is extremely professional and responsible. He came out and installed multiple cameras for an amazing price. His workers were extremely polite and clean. After all installations they came with their own vacuum and cleaned up after themselves. What really got me about AGT is Paco. He is a veteran who prides himself on his work. It isn't enough that the work is done, what matters to him is that the customer is satisfied. He is meticulous and very detailed. An example is how he moved a camera after he installed it because he didn't like how it came out. He backs his work and equipment with a 2 year warranty and this is what separates AGT from all the other installers. I've had work done on NY previous house and six months after the work was done, I needed the installer to come back. He wouldn't return my calls. Paco on the other hand, called me every week for 3 weeks after installation just to make sure everything was working and that I was completely satisfied. Camera systems are very personal and you don't want just anyone inside your home. This is not even a worry with Paco and AGT. He comes out and gives free estimates so you have nothing to loose.
1 Voice
1 Voice
I am not huge company. So I am residential and I previously and not that long ago I had a surveillance system put in because I I’m disabled and can’t get up to see things around my house. Long story short Mr. Paco was very sincere with me. And help me save money. He showed me how to use the application. It’s really hard to trust someone when you don’t know anything about Surveillance Systems. Mr Paco just made me feel completely safe which is what I wanted. I would definitely recommend him ! but not yet guys I still want him to do one more thing LOL I’m pretty sure he’s very busy

Servicing Homestead, FL

Based in Homestead, FL Access Global Technology LLC proudly serves residential and commercial clients in various locations, including but not limited to:

  • Homestead, FL
  • Miami-Dade County, FL
  • Coral Gables, FL
  • Pinecrest, FL
  • Coconut Grove, FL
  • Doral, FL
  • Brickell, FL
  • Kendall, FL
  • Key Largo, FL
  • Miramar, FL

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